Spearpoint Associates

The Leading Edge

Helping you make sense of security vulnerabilites and emerging technologies

Leveraging experience and expertise to help you make informed decisions

Making actions to secure and modernize your organizations technological needs


Private Sector Businesses

Spearpoint provides security and technology consulting services to companies ranging from small startups to tech giants. Learn how Spearpoint can work with you to grow and secure your business.


Public Sector Organizations

Spearpoint manages security and technology contracts on behalf of the U.S. government worldwide. As an SDVOSB, with years of experience solving problems in the public sector, Spearpoint is the right company to secure and manage your organization's technological needs.


Spearpoint Construction

Spearpoint provides general contracting and electrical installation services for public and private sector organizations. Find out how Spearpoint can help your next construction project.

Why Spearpoint?

Maintain Vision

Allowing Spearpoint to manage your technological needs frees up resources allowing you to focus on what matters.

Experience & Expertise

Spearpoint's team has a deep understanding of security and technology with years of experience implementing effective solutions.

Cost Efficient

Save money on benefits and training by leveraging Spearpoint to manage your security and technology projects.