Smart City, AMI, IoT

Most municipalities struggle to maintain or accelerate economic development. We have a smart city process with an exclusive ROI calculator and funding options so local economies can thrive.


Time marches on, marginalizing those who fall behind.

Here’s where things are headed for municipalities not pursuing smart city:

  1. Failure to maintain an environment ripe for economic development results in people and businesses leaving for greener pastures
    These are the people you don’t want to lose

  2. This results in gradually lengthier vacancies, and continually lower-value tenants (in homes and businesses)
    ie: The wrong people move in

  3. These tenants fail to care for property, further reducing socioeconomic relevance, causing more of the “right” people to leave

  4. This downward spiral of marginalization continues, and investments/efforts to the contrary only slow the inevitable: Goodbye economic development and with it, socioeconomic and sociopolitical relevance in the region


Use our simple 3-phase process to avoid marginalization



Interview - Answer some questions

Crunch the numbers - We show your ROI

Refine - Review design, cost, funding, and refine selections to create a detailed plan



Execute - Approve the plan, select contractors, and deploy



Manage - Sell/resell/lease infrastructure, access, or features

Operate - Outsource or directly service ongoing operations